Lab meetings


12/04/2024: Journal club

15/03/2024: Maelle practice talk

08/03/2024: Journal club: Solomon et al., bioRxiv 2024

01/03/2024: Lydia presents project proposal

23/02/2024: Journal club: Takashima et al., JOCN 2024

09/02/2024: Linlin presents update of STM/LTM search project

26/01/2024: Journal club: Pace et al., Psychol Sci 2023

19/01/2024: Songyun presents project proposal

12/01/2024: Journal club: Steel et al., Nat Neuro 2024


08/12/2023: NVP practice talks

24/11/2023: Songyun presents past research

17/11/2023: Journal club: Cardenas-Miller et al., Mem & Cogn 2023

10/11/2023: Qiu present overview behavioral studies

03/11/2023: Journal club: Annerer-Walcher, Cog Sci 2021

27/10/2023: Maelle presents behavioral project ideas.

13/10/2023: Journal club: Xu, Curr Biol 2023 

15/09/2023: Natalia presents ideas for object-based scene recognition project

08/09/2023: Giacomo PhD defense practice

01/09/2023: Charlotte presents behavioral project (internal-external attention)

--summer break--

07/07/2023: Marianna Pope presents visual search in VR project

23/06/2023: Journal club: Doostani et al., eLife 2023

09/06/2023: Student presentations

26/05/2023: Journal club: Anderson et al., iScience 2022

16/05/2023: Practice talk Yuanfang

08/05/2023: Joint meeting with Floris de Lange's group

21/04/2023: Lu-Chun presents results of EEG size constancy project

14/04/2023: Marco and Nadine present project proposal

24/03/2023: Charlotte and Maelle practice talks

17/03/2023: Aaron MSc project proposal

03/03/2023: Journal club: Qianchen et al., Roy Soc 2022

17/02/2023: Natalia presents past research

03/02/2023: Maelle presents RIFT project proposal

11/01/2023: Nadine Dijkstra presentation


14/12/2022: Linlin presents results of memory search studies

07/12/2022: CityLab experiment brainstorming

30/11/2022: Journal club: Furtak et al., Cognition 2022 

23/11/2022: Eelke presents RIFT method 

16/11/2022: Marco presents TMS results

02/11/2022: Sushrut thesis defense practice

19/10/2022: Linlin SFT project proposal

12/10/2022: Marius gives academic writing lecture

05/10/2022: Journal club: de Vries & Wurm (preprint)

21/09/2022: Qiu fMRI project proposal

14/09/2022: Timo van Kerkoerle talk

05/09/2022: Siying Xie talk

--summer break--

29/06/2022: Marco presents results of boundary extension experiments

22/06/2022: Journal club: Kragel et al., Sci Adv 2019

01/06/2022: Yuanfang presents overview of space priming results

18/05/2022: Marco presents design of fMRI study on memory-based perception

11/05/2022: Summary of NVP conference

20/04/2022: Mariska presents results of fMRI size congruency study

06/04/2022: Maelle presents results of behavioral template dimension experiments

30/03/2022: Chuanji presents eye tracking project proposal

23/03/2022: Journal club: Rossel et al., JEP:HPP 2022

15/03/2022: muZIEum visit

09/03/2022: Jochem presents internship results

23/02/2022: Qiu presents preliminary results of body posture project

16/02/2022: Journal club: Steel et al., Nat Comm 2021

02/02/2022: Charlotte presents EEG data analysis project update

19/01/2021: Simen presents fMRI project proposal

12/01/2021: Lu-Chun presents fMRI/EEG RSA results


22/12/2021: Yuanfang presents Ponzo project proposal

08/12/2021: Journal club: Shatek et al., bioRxiv 2021

01/12/2021: Lab usage and data management (Miriam Kos & Pauline Roost) 

24/11/2021: Surya presents online behavioral results (size-based object recognition)

17/11/2021: Qiu presents project proposal (body postures)

10/11/2021: Journal club: Korisky & Mudrik, Psychol Sci 2021 + Snow & Culham, TiCS 2021

20/10/2021: Maelle presents eye tracking data + updated fMRI project proposal

13/10/2021: Chuanji presents overview of behavioral studies on value association

06/10/2021: Sushrut presents results of EEG grouping experiment

29/09/2021: Lu-Chun presents project proposal

22/09/2021: Yuanfang presents preliminary fMRI results

15/09/2021: Journal club: Meyen et al., JEP:G 2021

08/09/2021: Jochem presents pilot data

--summer break--

14/07/2021: Journal club: Dijkstra & Fleming, PsyArXiv 2021

07/07/2021: Giacomo presents summary of behavioral studies

30/06/2021: Maelle presents fMRI project proposal

23/06/2021: Gen presents project update (real-world scale, EEG) 

16/06/2021: Qiu Han presents overview of previous work

02/06/2021: Simen presents update of EEG object decoding project

26/05/2021: Lu-Chun presents update of EEG visual search project

19/05/2021: Surya presents fMRI research proposal on size congruency

12/05/2021: Marco presents memory-based perception pilot

28/04/2021: Linlin presents results of online memory search experiments

14/04/2021: Journal club: Hafri & Firestone, TiCS 2021

07/04/2021: Simen game pilot discussion

24/03/2021: Journal club: Cheng et al., NeuroImage 2021

17/03/2021: Charlotte presents EEG project proposal

03/03/2021: Chuanji presents update of visual/auditory word recognition project

24/02/2021: Lu-Chun presents categorical similarity visual search results

10/02/2021: Gen presents project update (relative size, EEG)

03/02/2021: Maelle presents project update (distractor templates)

27/01/2021: Journal club: Lengyel et al., Nat Comm 2021

20/01/2021: Simen presents EEG decoding project proposal

13/01/2021: Hendrik presents boundary extension results

06/01/2021: Journal club: Nastase et al. bioRxiv 2020


16/12/2020: Journal club: Draschkow et al. Curr Biol 2021

09/12/2020: Veni grant proposal discussion

02/12/2020: Journal club: Arcaro et al. eLife 2020

25/11/2020: Journal club: Teichmann et al., J Neurosci 2020

18/11/2020: Maelle presents preparatory attention project proposal

12/11/2020: Chuanji presents valence project proposal

29/10/2020: Sushrut presents results of online grouping study

15/10/2020: Chuanji gives presentation of past research

08/10/2020: Linlin presents first results memory search project

01/10/2020: Journal club: Guo et al., JEPG 2020

17/09/2020: Journal club: Bainbridge & Baker, Curr Biol 2020

10/09/2020: Journal club: Auger et al., eLife 2015 

03/09/2020: Surya presents update replication project

27/08/2020:  Marco presents project proposal

--summer break--

09/07/2020: Thesis presentation Andrea Ghiani

02/07/2020: Marco presents update of boundary extension study

25/06/2020: Sushrut presents update of fMRI attention study 

18/06/2020: Maelle presents update of fMRI visual search study

11/06/2020: Journal club: Castelhano & Krzys, Ann Rev Vis Sci 2020 

04/06/2020: Journal club: Zeng et al., J Neurosci 2020 

28/05/2020: Journal club: Gunseli & Aly, eLife 2020 

14/05/2020: Journal club: Park & Park, J Neurosci 2020 

30/04/2020: Marco presents boundary extension project proposal 

23/04/2020: Surya presents update of fMRI study on visual search in scenes 

16/04/2020: Simen presents grant proposal 

09/04/2020: Journal club: Bonner & Epstein , bioRxiv 2020

02/04/2020: Linlin presents memory search project

27/03/2020: Catching up (Zoom)

06/03/2020: Yuanfang presents first results of VWM study 

21/02/2020: Journal club: Drew & Wolfe, AP&P 2014

14/02/2020: Journal club: Wolff et al., Nat Neurosci 2017

07/02/2020: Giacomo presents project ideas

31/01/2020: Journal club: Rosenholtz, AP&P 2020

24/01/2020: Yuanfang presents fMRI BOLD latency proposal


13/12/2019: Miles presents preliminary results TMS study

05/12/2019: Charlotte presents project update internal/external attention

29/11/2019: Sushrut presents statistical learning project proposal

22/11/2019: Sushrut presents preliminary fMRI results

15/11/2019: Jorie presents overview of results of completed CFS size illusion project

08/11/2019: Journal club: Fiser & Lengyel, CONB 2019

01/11/2019: Lab outing

25/10/2019: Suzanna presents  results of MSc internship

04/10/2019: Alexandra presents study proposal (relative size)

20/09/2019: Gen and Surya present summary of RP3 numerosity project

06/09/2019: Journal club: Gandolfo & Downing, Curr Biol 2019

23/08/2019: ECVP practice presentations

16/08/2019: ECVP practice presentations

--summer break--

12/07/2019: Journal club: Henriksson et al., Neuron 2019

21/06/2019: Manon practices thesis presentation

14/06/2019: Myrthel presentation TiCS paper

07/06/2019: Yuanfang presents behavioral project proposal (VWM)

24/05/2019: Piotr  project proposal and preliminary bCFS results Marina

17/05/2019: Journal club: Kaiser, Turini, Cichy, submitted

10/05/2019: Yuanfang presents project proposal

26/04/2019: Journal club: Helfrich et al., PLoS  Biol 2014

12/04/2019: Journal club: Yildrim et al., Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2019

05/04/2019: Gen presents preliminary EEG object grouping results

29/03/2019: Manon presents EEG project proposal

22/03/2019: Sushrut, Ilze, Sjoerd present results behavioral experiments

15/03/2019: Journal club: Kiyonaga & Egner, Psychon Bull Rev 2013

01/03/2019: Giacomo presents research proposal

22/02/2019: Miles presents TMS proposal

15/02/2019: Journal club: Collegio et al., Nat Hum Behav 2019

08/02/2019: Miles gives TMS tutorial

01/02/2019: Sushrut presents fMRI project proposal

25/01/2019: Charlotte presents project idea

18/01/2019: Surya presents preliminary fMRI results

11/01/2019: Journal club: Dalton et al., J Neurosci 2018


14/12/2018: Journal club: van Loon et al., eLife 2018

06/12/2018: Sushrut and Jorie practice presentations

23/11/2018: Charlotte presents project introduction

16/11/2018: Surya presents grant proposal

09/11/2018: Sushrut presents animacy paper

26/10/2018: Journal club: Kok & Turk-Browne, J Neurosci 2018

17/10/2018: Sushrut presents fMRI proposal

05/10/2018: Jorie presents  preliminary results of CFS size illusion project

21/09/2018: Sushrut presents CCN highlights

14/09/2018: Brainstorming about lab contributions to DCC day and Radboud Invites

07/09/2018: Nadine presents project ideas

31/08/2018: Sushrut presents CCN poster

24/08/2018: Genevieve presents Marie Curie grant proposal

--summer break--

06/07/2018: Brainstorming meeting

26/06/2018: Evelina visits and presents her work

14/06/2018: Genevieve presents EEG object grouping proposal

01/06/2018: VSS highlights

20/04/2018: Genevieve presents project ideas

11/04/2018: Sushrut presents behavioral project proposal

06/04/2018: Talli VSS practice talk

26/03/2018: Sushrut presents summary of feedback NN project

21/03/2018: Giacomo presents highlights of CCBM conference

14/03/2018: Genevieve presents overview of past work

09/03/2018: Nicolo/Surya present project proposal (visual search in depth)

02/03/2018: Nadine presents overview of past work

23/02/2018: Giacomo presents project proposal (viewpoint-specific object representation in scenes)

16/02/2018: Nicolo presents results of MSc project

08/02/2018: Talli presents results audio-visual MEG project / ISCOP talk

26/01/2018: Surya presents results behavioral size constancy project

17/01/2018: Journal club: Hindy et al., Nat Neuro 2016

12/01/2018: Sushrut presents update of feedback modeling project


30/11/2017: Giacomo presents project proposal

17/11/2017: Surya presents fMRI project proposal

18/10/2017: Sushrut presents animacy-CNN project update


07/07/2017: Olga presents update of MEG scene-object integration experiment

30/06/2017: Elisa presents results of behavioral capture experiments

23/06/2017: Journal club: Siegel et al., Science 2015

05/06/2017: Talli presents new fMRI results on scene-object integration

31/05/2017: Marius presents VSS highlights

28/04/2017: Sushrut gives practice talk

03/04/2017: Talli presents highlights of CNS meeting

24/03/2017: Journal club: King & Dehaene, TiCS 2014

16/03/2017: Davide and Daria present update on category WM project

02/03/2017: Elisa, Arianna, Marco present experiment proposal (context-dependent attentional templates)

23/02/2017: Journal club: Fritsche et al., Curr Bio 2017

03/02/2017: Journal club: Bravo & Farid, APP 2016


19/12/2016: Talli and Olga present preliminary results of multimodal object perception MEG study

25/11/2016: Elisa presents final results of MEG project on attention in scenes

10/11/2016: Daria SfN practice talk

04/11/2016: MSc students present project proposals (AdvTopics)

28/10/2016: Journal club: Robertson et al., Curr Bio 2016

21/10/2016: Sushrut presents fMRI project proposal

06/10/2016: Marius practice talk

30/09/2016: Daniel presents object grouping fMRI results (BBM)

--summer break--

14/07/2016: Deema and Francesca give practice talks (MSc defense)

07/07/2016: Elisa presents update on size constancy project

23/06/2016: Daniel present project proposal (real-time MEG)

09/06/2016: Sushrut presents preliminary DNN results

30/05/2016: Timo practice talk

19/05/2016: Timo presents overview of social evaluation CFS studies (Stewart et al., JEPG 2012)

12/05/2016: Javier/Timo present context object detection proposal (CFS vs CD)

04/05/2016: CAOs practice presentations (Deema, Francesca, Daria)

28/04/2016: Journal club: Cohen et al. TiCS 2016

20/04/2016: Daria and Daniel present results, Arun visiting

08/04/2016: Elisa present MEG project proposal (size)

31/03/2016: Journal club: Khaligh-Razavi & Kriegeskorte, PLoS Comp Biol 2014

24/03/2016: Daniel presents results of fMRI experiment (object grouping)

10/03/2016: Deema/Timo present project update (detection sensitivity across paradigms)

02/03/2016: Francesca presents MEG results (object grouping)

25/02/2016: Viktor presents final results of internship (reward and CFS)

11/02/2016: Daria presents updates of WM experiments

28/01/2016: Journal club: Sergent et al., Curr Biol 2013

21/01/2016: Journal club: Tsuchiya et al., TiCS 2015

14/01/2016: Daniel presents rtMEG updates


17/12/2015: Timo present MEG data (expectations)

10/12/2015: Talli gives practice talk (ISfN)

03/12/2015: Ludwig presents behavioral and fMRI results (reward/punishment)

25/11/2015: Daria presents SfN highlights

20/11/2015: Francesca presents project proposal (MEG study on object regularities)

30/10/2015: Talli presents project proposal (fMRI study measuring attentional competition)

22/10/2015: Journal club: Song et al., Consciousness & Cognition 2011 & Huang et al., JEP:HPP 2012

21/10/2015: Timo and Deema present project proposal (individual differences, visual awareness)

07/10/2015: Daria SfN practice talk

--summer break--

17/07/2015: Daniel, Paul, Marius present Harvard Summer School experiment

02/07/2015: Farid presents independent studies results

25/06/2015: Damiano & Daniel present update on MEG/fMRI category decoding study

12/06/2015: Journal club: Hasson et al., TiCS 2015

04/06/2015: Journal club: Wildegger et al., APP 2015

28/05/2015: Elisa internship presentation

26/05/2015: VSS highlights

07/05/2015: Daniel VSS practice talk

30/04/2015: Journal club: Kurth-Nelson et al., eLife 2015

23/04/2015: Daniel presents update MEG project (attention in natural scenes)

14/04/2015: Journal club: Firestone & Scholl, Cognition 2015

09/04/2015: Daria presents update of fMRI project

24/03/2015: Journal club: Harmelech et al., J Neurosci 2015

19/03/2015: Andrea presents update of internship project (contextual cueing)

13/03/2015: Deema/Timo present internship proposal

26/02/2015: Talli presents update of fMRI project

19/02/2015: Journal club: Scott et al., Psychol Sci 2014

12/02/2015: Journal club: Scharnowski et al., J Neurosci 2012

06/02/2015: Elisa presents MEG results (reward study)

29/01/2015: Daniel presents fMRI results (hand/animal attention study)

15/01/2015: Journal club: McKee et al., J Neurosci 2014


11/12/2014: Journal club: Gaillard et al., PNAS 2006

27/11/2014: Journal club: Grill-Spector & Weiner, NRN 2014

20/11/2014: Daniel present MEG proposal (orientation decoding)

13/11/2014: Nick Oosterhof presents fMRI hyper-alignment proposal

06/11/2014: Timo presents MEG project proposal

30/10/2014: Summary of Tuebingen MEG symposium

23/10/2014: Damiano presents MEG project proposal

17/10/2014: Andrea presents 3D attention project proposal

02/10/2014: Talia presents preliminary fMRI data

25/09/2014: Journal club: Nasr et al., J Neurosci 2014

18/09/2014: Reshanne practice talk (DS-day) & Harish presents project proposal

04/09/2014: Daniel presents face identity decoding results

--summer break--

07/08/2014: Reshanne presents final TMS results

01/08/2014: Daniel presents preliminary MEG data

25/07/2014: Timo and Ludwig present CFS reward data

10/07/2014: Elena presents project ideas

02/07/2014: Journal club: Vetter et al., Curr Biol 2014

26/06/2014: Nick Oosterhof gives CoSMoMVPA tutorial

19/06/2014: Timo presents MEG proposal + Noguchi et al., JoCN 2012

12/06/2014: Journal club: Cohen et al., PNAS 2014

05/06/2014: Journal club: Cichy et al., Nat Neurosci 2014

29/05/2014: VSS highlights

12/05/2014: Reshanne practice talk

08/05/2014: Journal club: Baldauf & Desimone, Science 2014

16/04/2014: Daria presents pilot data

02/04/2014: Marius presentation; attention in natural scenes

19/03/2014: Reshanne and Timo present results of expertise project

12/03/2014: Brainstorming about possible projects with annotated scene stimuli

05/03/2014: Chiara presents fMRI project proposal (auditory-visual object recognition)

26/02/2014: Journal club: Bansal et al., J Neurosci 2014

19/02/2014: Daniel presents fMRI project proposal (face identity decoding)

12/02/2014: Journal club: Stokes et al., PNAS 2012

29/01/2014: Discussion of Peelen & Kastner, TiCS (under revision)

22/01/2014: Journal club: Zelinsky et al., J Vision 2013

15/01/2014: Daria presents fMRI project proposal (animate-inanimate organization)


11/12/2013: Ludwig presents idea for new fMRI study on reward

04/12/2013: Journal club: Cukur et al., Nat Neurosci 2013

27/11/2013: Reshanne presents revised version of new fMRI project

13/11/2013: Journal club: Carlson et al., JoCN 2013

06/11/2013: Daniel presents new fMRI data (object grouping)

23/10/2013: Journal club: Purves et al., PNAS 2011

09/10/2013: Journal club: Chun et al., ARP 2011

02/10/2013: Journal club: Kriegeskorte & Kievit, TiCS 2013

25/09/2013: Reshanne presents idea for new fMRI study

18/09/2013: Daniel presents idea for new fMRI study and gives practice talk for DS day

--summer break--

24/07/2013: Reshanne presents behavioral follow-ups to J Vision attentional capture paper

17/07/2013: Timo presents new behavioral data (CFS, binocular rivalry)

03/07/2013: Stefania presents overview of completed fMRI project

19/06/2013: Marius practice talk

12/06/2013: Martina and Timo present new behavioral results (attention and natural scenes)

05/06/2013: Journal club: Summerfield & Egner, TiCS 2009; Hohwy, Frontiers 2012

29/05/2013: Daniel presents new fMRI results (grouping)

22/05/2013: VSS updates

15/05/2013: Journal club: Kanai et al., Curr Biol 2006; Hsieh et al., Psychol Sci 2011

08/05/2013: VSS practice Stefania and Reshanne

24/04/2013: Reshanne presents ideas for new behavioral experiments

17/04/2013: Daniel presents working memory results + Journal club: Brady et al., J Vision 2011

10/04/2013: Journal club: Franconeri et al., TiCS 2013

27/03/2013: Nick Peatfield presents biological motion study

20/03/2013: Stefania presents new fMRI results

13/03/2013: Jaap presents update of EEG decoding project

06/03/2013: Journal club: Poncet et al., J Vision 2012; Li et al., PNAS 2002

20/02/2013: Reshanne presents new study proposal; Journal club: Curby & Gauthier, J Vision 2009

13/02/2013: Timo presents results; Journal club: Kanai et al. Consciousness & Cognition 2010

06/02/2013: Journal club: Schmalzl et al., Front Hum Neurosci 2012

30/01/2013: Reshanne practice talk

23/01/2013: Journal club: Ferri et al., NeuroImage 2013

16/01/2013: Journal club: Baeck et al., NeuroImage 2013


12/12/2012: Timo and Stefania present preliminary b-CFS results

05/12/2012: Reshanne presents TMS results

28/11/2012: Francesca practice talk for PhD defense

21/11/2012: Jaap presents EEG results

14/11/2012: Daniel presents project proposal

07/11/2012: Iman and Jaap present project proposal

31/10/2012: Journal club: VanRullen, ACP 2007

17/10/2012: Reshanne presents highlights of Pisa conference

03/10/2012: Stefania presents project proposal

26/09/2012: Journal club: Wolfe et al., APP 2011

19/09/2012: Reshanne practices poster presentation

12/09/2012: Journal club: Song et al., J Neurosci 2012

--summer break--

25/07/2012: Stefania presents new results

04/07/2012: Journal club: Srihasam et al., Neuron 2012

27/06/2012: Journal club: Chan et al., NeuroImage 2011; Jaap presents project proposal

20/06/2012: OHBM highlights by Marius & Stefania

30/05/2012: VSS highlights by Jaap & Talia

23/05/2012: Rehearsal of CAOs workshop presentations; Francesca, Stefania, Martijn

16/05/2012: Francesca practice talk CAOs

09/05/2012: Stefania presents new results

02/05/2012: Journal club: Harel et al., Cerebral Cortex 2012

18/04/2012: Journal club: Martens et al., J Neurosci 2012

11/04/2012: Reshanne presents new results

04/04/2012: Francesca presents project proposal

14/03/2012: Clayton presents project proposal

29/02/2012: Jaap & Valentina present new results

22/02/2012: Talia gives a presentation

15/02/2012: Journal club: Walther et al., J Neurosci 2009; Walther et al., PNAS 2011

08/02/2012: Francesca & Marius present new results

25/01/2012: Jaap presents project proposal

18/01/2012: Journal club: Fabre-Thorpe, Frontiers 2011; Thorpe et al., Nature 1996


21/12/2011: Journal club: Kriegeskorte et al., Frontiers 2008 + MDS tutorial

14/12/2011: Journal club: Maravita & Iriki, TiCS 2004; Johnson-Frey, TiCS 2004; Stefania presents new results

07/12/2011: Journal club: Davenport & Potter, Psychol Sci 2004; Henderson & Hollingworth, ARP 1999

30/11/2011: Journal club: Dehaene & Cohen, TiCS 2011; Price & Devlin, TiCS 2011

23/11/2011: Francesca practice talk

16/11/2011: Journal club: Mullin & Steeves, JoCN 2011; Peelen & Kastner, PNAS 2011; Reshanne presents project proposal

08/11/2011: Stefania presents new results